Flazm.com is an independent game development studio built on a three-person backbone. We live and work in Magnitogorsk, a city in Russia whose name is literally translated as “magnetic city,” something that is clearly reflected in our creations.

Alexey Davidov is the studio’s founder and the primary idea generator, a person who loves prototyping, experimenting, and setting unrealistic project deadlines. He enjoys reading books about dark towers and blue oceans and is an active participant in indie gaming community and an indie game jam organizer. He is also a venturous player in computer games and sports alike.

Sergey Marchenko is a maestro of keyboard rock and an inveterate retro gamer, a big-time old-schooler in everything and therefore a terrible conservative, and a connoisseur and collector of all things vintage. Addicted to Donkey Kong, he also enjoys motorbikes rides.

Dasha Kulichkova is a graphics wizard, as it was from her fingers that the most vivid characters from the flazm.com games sprang. She loves rich imagery, Corel, her tablet, her twin sister, and playing with her little nephew!