Jim Loves Mary 2 – Jay is Games Review

There’s more love in the air and fewer in-laws in Jim Loves Mary 2, the new puzzle platformer episode in the life of this adorable couple. Jim and Mary have had enough of Mary’s pitchfork-wielding family and are heading for the forest. Just like in the original game, you’ll control both of them, Jim with […]


Jim Loves Mary 2 – Coming Soon!

You probably remember Jim and Mary’ story, don’t you? The two lovers who had to go against all odds and solve all kinds of riddles to meet? Great news – you will soon have a chance to see the continuation of this story and help Jim and Mary stand up to their next challenge – […]


Headless Zombie – Jay is Games Review

After the success of Nearly Headless Nick, meet Completely Headless Carl, the star of Headless Zombie, the new puzzle platformer from Flazm. Carl used to be a nobleman, until an envious wizard caused him to fall off his horse, break his neck and die. However, dark magic has a funny way of backfiring, and Carl […]


Headless Zombie – Coming Soon!

Greetings to all fans of our games and apologies for the recent lack of updates on our end! The thing is, game developers also need to occasionally take some time off to relax, rally their thoughts and produce something fresh afterwards! The good news is that you will get a chance to play our new […]


Bob The Robber 2 – Under Construction

Hello, Everybody! We apologize for your lack for news at Flazm.com. But the fact is that we have been working hard on Bob The Robber sequel for the last few months. Fans of Bob’s skills can jump for joy! We prepare 10 new levels, and new story with some new enemies. Small spoiler – Zombies, […]

Truck Loader 4 Under Construction

Truck Loader 4 – Under Construction

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that Truck Loader 4 is under construction now. We have pushed hard to rework all graphic in the game carefully keeping the spirit of original Truck Loader series. A lot of new features and objects, new challenging levels and tons of industrial fun Coming this Summer! Stay tuned!

flazm.com new look

Flazm.com – New Look

Hello everybody! We decided to change the design of our website cardinally and make it more simple. Instead of quantity we focus upon the quality. From now on we will only place the games which are created by us or with our participation. Now you won’t see games which can be found on any arcade […]


Bob the Robber – Jay is Games Review

Alright, let’s make sure we’ve got everything: Black and white stripped shirt? Check! Domino mask? Check! Lock picks? Check! Green toque? Check! Anti-heroic sense of morality that makes you more than happy to lift some cash from the unfriendly neighborhood mob boss? Oh, you’d better bet that’s a check! Such is the checklist of Bob […]


Truck Loader 2: Freestyle Arena Extreme

Here are some videos of the crazy stuff that some of us manage to pull off in the Truck Loader 2 Freestyle Arena.

truck loader 2

Truck Loader 2 Released

Finally, Truck Loader 2 has been released. We have rewritten the game from scratch using a new and faster physics engine, making the game more responsive, fast, dynamic and fun. The hero Loader can now jump any time, so some of the levels combine the classic Truck Loader objective with a skill platform game. More […]