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Alright, let’s make sure we’ve got everything: Black and white stripped shirt? Check! Domino mask? Check! Lock picks? Check! Green toque? Check! Anti-heroic sense of morality that makes you more than happy to lift some cash from the unfriendly neighborhood mob boss? Oh, you’d better bet that’s a check!
Such is the checklist of Bob the Robber, star of the new stealth puzzle platformer from Flazm. All you burglars out there in the burg should get ready to burgle til there’s nothing left to burgle. Robble robble!

Move Bob around the heist location with the [WASD] or [arrow] keys. The goal is to gradually make your way to the goal and back out again, without being spotted too many times by any of the various forms of surveillance. Locked doors that stand can be opened with lockpicks by holding [up], or by inputting the proper numerical code. Likewise, laser grids can be disabled by holding [up] at the proper electrical box. Extra cash can be found by searching the scenery with [up]. Robots, cameras and security guards stand in your way and will turn from green to yellow to red if they catch you in their line of sight. You’ll automatically slink into available shadows, but get spotted for too long and a siren will sound that will keep everyone on edge for a bit. Too many sirens and you’re looking at hard time in the big house.

Bob the Robber undeniably feels like stripped-down version of Yahtzee’s Trilby: Art of Theft. Then again, Art of Theft felt like a stripped down version of Thief and Out of This World. Perhaps it is pointless to debate what robbery game stole what from who: at least they’re swiping from the best. That said, with its cartoonish graphics, intriguing level design, and bouncy soundtrack, Bob the Robber has an infectious sense of fun that keeps you smiling. It’s not a perfect crime: the controls are a little wonky, and, with only five levels, things start wrapping up as soon as it gets started. Overall, though, you should be happy to let Bob the Robber steal a bit of your afternoon.

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