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Fair robber Bob declares war on mafia and corruption and starts crusade for evidences and a new money bag!

- You can move using “ASWD” or “arrow” keys. If you want to go upstairs, press “up” or “W”.
- You can find a lot of extra values on the level. Press and hold “W” key if you want to search the object.
- You will find a lot of doors on the level and some of them can be locked. To force a lock – press and hold “W” till you open it.
- Some of the doors have code lock. Press “W” key near the console and use “0-9″ keys to enter the code.
- Without move Bob will hide himself in a shadow and cameras won’t catch him.
- Be careful when you pass laser gratings – alarm is activated. To disconnect it you need to fix some things up in electrical control unit.

Bob the Robber Walkthrough (level 1-4)

Bob the Robber Walkthrough (level 5)

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