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Return as a wild truck driver in this sequel to one of the best trucking flash games out there. This game is full of surprises, danger, and action. The levels are harder, more requiring, and you’ll need more wits to get your load to the finish in this fast paced sequel. The walkthrough below will guarantee that your room will not get destroyed from your rampage after losing a level multiple times.

Mining Truck 2 Trolley Transport Walkthrough

Though bearing the same title as Mining Truck 1, Mining Truck 2 has many major differences. The controls remain the same, with the left key tilting your truck left, right key tilting your truck right, up key propelling your truck forward, and down key used as a brake or for going reverse. In this game, you will start off with a load, but you will pick up more loads at unsuspecting places along the way. You will have several objectives that you can complete for each level. You will also be able to buy customizations for your truck to aid in completing your objectives, as well as to progress on to certain levels. And finally, the game will feature many floors or levels, meaning you will have a variety of paths to choose from to get to your objective. So strap on your seatbelt and follow this how-to guide to victory.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Shop The shop is not only the place where you can tune up your truck, it is also where you will buy the “things” you need in order to unlock many of the levels. Collect coins on the missions to buy the things you need. If you can’t unlock a mission and you don’t have enough money to buy what you need in order to proceed, go back to the previous missions and beat them until you have enough coins. The cheapest item in the shop is the “connection”, which will allow you to connect more trailers to your truck. Buying new wheels will give you more traction and help prevent tipping. Buying a new trolley will improve your truck’s speed. To proceed to certain levels, there will be the oil, mineral, and wood trailers on sale. Each level will display which trailer you need to have to access it.

Level 1: Don’t stay on the bridges too long, they collapse under pressure. Don’t drive too crazy and stay balanced, or you’ll tip and lose the wagon. You will have a HUB displaying your progress through the level. Don’t race too fast when going up and down hill or you’ll lose your load. About halfway through, you will come across a golden chest hanging off the ceiling. Collect those to earn cool goodies.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 1

Level 2: You’re going to start off with 2 trailers. As you progress through the level, you will see the treasure chest hanging. Hit space to release it. The rails that you come across are adjustable; press space to move the rail up and down and thus determine which floor you will be moving through. You will also come across a crane with an extra load, press space to release the load.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 2Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 2a

Level 3: You must buy a wood trailer to access this level. Here’s a hint: don’t move the rails as you go, stay on the bottom floor to get to the factory. Again, about halfway through you’ll see a golden chest waving at you from the ceiling. Afterwards, you’re going to discover a crane with barrels-load those in, too. Lower your speed when going up and downhill, or your load will get propelled out of your trailer like shells out of a tank.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 3

Level 4: Be nice to the driver. That means don’t drive in a way that will cause him to brush against the terrain. He’s not immortal. Get to the crane with the second load and get it, but be careful as the road ahead of you will collapse. Move back to the rail slowly and press space to get access to the bottom floor. To get the chest in this level (which is located at around 40% next to a crane), you’ll need to gather the other packages, first. As you go forward, you will see several rails. Press space each time to descend further and further until you reach the factory. After you unload your load, go back to the last rail, press space to go up to get to the finishing point.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 4

Level 5: This time the mission will require you to fetch two loads of wood. The trick is to stay on the top level to get to the factory. But if you’re obsessed with finding the chest, stick to the botton- when you get to the first bridge, stay on it until it collapses and go backwards until you reach the chest. Remember, you will need to face the crane correctly so that the crane can successfully pick up the load. Sometimes picking up the load with the crane requires as much work as completing the level itself.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 5

Level 6: You’re going to need to buy a mineral trailer to proceed. The cool purple rocks are back! You will be transporting the same purple rocks that you transported in the first game. Be sure not to lose ANY stones this time. The factory will have a magnet installed to collect the stones, and will retain the crane to collect the wood that you have to bring in, too. Halfway through, the chest will be looking at you, with light reflecting off it’s golden body.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 6

Level 7: Now you have to ferry two loads of purple stones. About 60% through, you will need to move the rail up, or you will get into a dead end. Don’t worry, if you miss that point you will know after you reach the dead end. In that case just go back to the rail. While on the top level, if you go all the way back, you will find a chest. After that, you’re going to meet some big slopes so drive slowly so that you don’t lose a single stone. They didn’t hire you to decorate the ground with purple stones.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 7

Level 8: Buy the oil trailer to access this level. Be extra careful with the oil, not only is it easy to spill, but it is explosive, as well. When you encounter your first rail, hit space to move it down. Make sure no stones fall into the oil tank, or they will make the oil evaporate. Stay on the lower level by pressing space every time you encounter a rail except near the end, because there will be a dead end. And if your mind is on the chest, at 50% go to the top level and drive all the way back.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 8

Level 9: Begin by filling your tank with oil. Than go to the second level and pick up the purple stones. Continue on the same level all the way to the factory. Watch out for a falling bridge along the way. Move quickly under it or it will either crush you or your loads. Move through the bottom level if you want to get the chest.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 9

Level 10: You will start off in the same manner as level 9, except instead of purple stones, you will be fetching wood. If you stay on the top level, halfway through you will see the chest hanging off a tower of stone, over a collapsing bridge. When you get near the end, the road will be very bumpy, so maintain a slow speed or your oil and wood will be flying all over the place. The factory won’t be too happy to see you come empty handed.

Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Level 10

Remember, this game is all about balance. Balance your speed and load, and you will do just fine. If you have any tips, tricks or hints that you want to share with us, go ahead and let us know.

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