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Mining Truck will put you in the seat of a truck driver, operating through the most dangerous and intense conditions to bring a load of various sized purple rocks to the destination. No one knows what these purple rocks are, but they must be really special for the truck driver to have to go through such conditions to deliver them. Grind your way through 8 levels of burning rubber, flying, and rolling downhill, but be sure not to lose your load on your way to the destination. Below is a walkthrough to help guide your way.

Mining Truck Walkthrough

This game is quite challenging, but if you follow this guide, you should have no problems beating it. The controls are quite easy: the up arrow key is the gas, the down arrow key is the brake, and the left and right keys tilt the truck toward the direction of the arrow. In this game you will encounter downhill paths, “steps”, ditches, and crevices. Downhill paths and small ditches will require you to slow down or risk tipping over, while crevices, “steps”, and larger ditches need to be “jumped over” by getting to them at a high speed. Prepare to change your speed according to the terrain and you will be fine. And don’t worry about losing a little bit of your load-you only need to bring in a certain amount of stones to pass each level.

A crucial part of the game play will be identifying the different signs you come across and reacting quickly to avoid flipping over, losing the load, or falling over altogether. You will come across the uphill sign and the downhill sign, which show that you will be climbing up/down a very steep hill. For an uphill sign you would need to pick up speed, while you would obviously need to hit the breaks while going downhill. The stop sign can always be found near the end. The sign is always followed by very rough terrain, which will require you to pump your breaks. It also is there to remind you that you are almost finished, since within seconds after seeing that sign, you will be at the factory.

Mining Truck Signs

The exclamation point marks big dangers ahead. That danger varies from a big construction ditch to a broken bridge. You will need to pick up speed to “jump” over these obstacles. The final sign shows a bottle and comes up before a bridge on level 7. No one knows what the sign is there for, so don’t panic expecting Godzilla to be waiting for you on the other side of the bridge.

Level 1: This is obviously the easiest level where you really get to get the hang of playing the game. If you just want to test a level, it is recommended that you don’t wait until your truck gets loaded and just rush through to see what kinds of twists and turns you’ll encounter. As you start this level off, you’ll notice a danger sign and right after it there will be a sharp downhill path. Hold the breaks, or your precious purple pebbles will end up in the mud. Remember, physics play an important part in this game. There are 3 downhill danger signs along the way and a stop sign right before a sharp slope at the very end.

Mining Truck Level 1

Level 2: This time you’ll start off with a load of two huge stones. There’s always a limit as to how many you must bring to the destination and in this case you need to bring in at least one, though you can ferry in both for extra points. You will meet several sharp downhill paths, just use your breaks and you’ll be fine. There are 2 signs warning of slopes ahead.

Mining Truck Level 2

Level 3: You’re going to start off this level on a bumpy road. But that’s the least of your problems: there is going to be a crevice in the path ahead of you. Use your superpowers to fly over it like superman, or come racing in really fast to “jump” to the other side. Oh, and don’t forget your load. Exclamation sign is located right before the broken bridge warning of the danger ahead.

Mining Truck Level 3

Level 4: A Path descending like a stair will be the first “bump” in this level. You’ll need to “jump” over it or you’ll get stuck, so pick up some speed. Plus you’ll be driving up a hill after that, which will also require you to move faster than a turtle. Shortly after that, you will have another “stair”, so keep that foot on the gas pedal. There will be an exclamation sign warning of a ‘stair’ up ahead, and then a downhill sign followed by an uphill sign which is then followed by a sign warning of more slopes ahead.

Mining Truck Level 4

Level 5: Don’t go up hill too fast or you’ll tip over. Another crevice will be waiting for you in this level like a hungry predator waiting for it’s prey. Gain some speed to jump to the other end. After the jump, maintain your speed, as you’ll have a hill that you’re going to have to climb. There are 2 downhill signs and explanation sign warning of a broken bridge ahead.

Mining Truck Level 5

Level 6: You can move your truck while being loaded to control how the load goes in (which can effect how much of it will fall out during a bad situation). Move slowly at first, as you will have small ditch in your way. Afterwards, gain speed as after you climb the hill, you’ll have to jump over another “stair”. A sign warning of slopes and an exclamation sign warning of a construction ditch, which is shortly followed by a downhill sign.

Mining Truck Level 6

Level 7: Life is hard for a trucker. This time you will go through not just one, but two crevices. Be sure to not go too fast, or you will tip over after getting to the other side. There will be a ditch coming up, so picking up some speed after going through the bumps will do the trick. There is a sign with a bottle shape marking the bridge, and 2 exclamation marks for the upcoming crevices.

Mining Truck Level 7

Level 8: You will run into a small ditch, followed by a crevice, followed by a big ditch, followed by another crevice, and than a sharp downhill path. Keep a high speed while crossing both ditches and crevices, but lower your speed after the jumps, especially when going downhill, or your truck will kiss the terrain. You will come across an exclamation sign for crevice, a slopes sign before a ditch, and another one before a crevice.

Mining Truck Level 8

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