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Welcome to Truck Loader 2, the game where you, well, load trucks. Sounds simple? Not from the minute you start the second level. This game is packed with enough tricky situations to make your brain cook like omelets on a pan. But fear not, this walkthrough will guide you to victory.

Levels 1-10

Level 1 – Hello Again! :: On this level, you basically get the hang of playing the game. Use the arrows to move your robot and the mouse to move the arm. Push the box into the truck until the yellow shape turns green and get out of the truck to finish.

Level 2 – Fragile, Handle With Care :: This is when the tricky situations begin. You will begin the game situated between two green buttons. Be careful, pressing the right one first will result in all 3 boxes being destroyed. The solution is pressing the left botton first and catching the box, then running over the right button on your way to the truck. The box is fragile, so don’t push it in too hard.

Level 3 – The Elevator ::  Here you are introduced to an elevator. The only way to keep this elevator moving is by keeping the button pushed. How do you do that and still get to the top? Throw a box on top of the button.

Level 4 – Industrial Offroad :: This level will have you make use of the “dragging” function to get the box the truck. Use the magnet by clicking and holding the left mouse button and drag the box through the brick maze. If you flip over, press space to jump back on your “feet”.

Level 5 – Double Fall :: On this level, you will push the green button to make the rectangular box fall and create a path for you. Grab the small box, push the green button on the top level, and hop on down to load the boxes into the truck to win.

Level 6 – First Snow :: Start off this level by throwing the small box into the crevice to create a path for you to cross. Notice that there is no button for the elevator; just hop on and it will take you to the top. Throw the boxes into the truck instead of pushing them to speed up the time that it takes you to pass.

Level 7 – Footsteps :: This level needs you to utilize the same trick that you used in level 3: putting a box on the elevator button to keep the elevator in motion. Hop on the elevator to reach the green button that should open the pesky door that is blocking your path to the truck.

Level 8 – Shelves :: Hit the 3 green buttons to open all 3 doors blocking your way to the truck. Try not to get the boxes under the elevator, as it will be hard to get them out.

Level 9 – Scissors :: Throw the box over the door onto the green button to get the elevetors going. Be careful, it is very easy to get killed on those elevators. Stay low and don’t let your body pop out in a manner that will cause it to hit something while the elevator is moving.

Level 10 – Placeholder :: The first thing you should notice is that the shape inside the truck is for the little box, not the big one. That’s because the big box needs to be used as a filler for the crevice in order to cross it. Try not to break it on your way down, or you’ll waste a lot of time collecting and throwing little pieces into the crevice.

Levels 11-20

Level 11 – Box Train :: This level is fairy simple: Press the green button inside the crevice to activate the bridges and the treadmill which will throw a box to you. Then just cross the bridges and hit the green button on the wall to open the door blocking your path to the truck.

Level 12 – Transporting Tape :: This time you will grab one box, and throw it over the wall onto the treadmill, while grabbing the second box and pushing the blue button to get the treadmill running. The treadmill will propel the box that you threw onto it into another blue button, which will collapse the bridge under you, giving you a path to the truck.

Level 13 – Sanctum :: Navigate through a brick maze to get to your destination. Stay away from the middle crevaces, as you will get stuck in them, and descend carefully to avoid crashing. Near the truck will be a green button, push it to drop the rectangular box down.

Level 14 – Orange Button :: In this level, all you have to do is go up to the magic orange button, and press it three times to get the boxes coming your way. You can throw them into the truck and then press them all in to save on the amount of time it takes to complete the level.

Level 15 – Claustrophobia :: Pushing boxes is basically all you need to do in this level. Push the big boxes into the crevices to create a cushion for you to fall on as you make way towards the small box.

Level 16 – Exchange :: Use the boxes to keep buttons pressed twice: once for the door, and once to get bridge open so that you can reach the green button. Pressing the green button will get the elevator moving so that you can take the go downstairs. Pick up the shrapanel from the box that broke and use that to depress the door button after you lift the box that you need to load off of it.

Level 17 – Free Jump :: This level is going to be a bit difficult. Grab the box, and throw it on to the 2nd floor. Then you’re going to need to jump onto the 2nd floor to make sure the box depresses the button that will keep the door leading to the 3rd floor open. Finally, you will need to get on the elevator again and jump to the 3rd floor, where you will be able to depress the green button which controls the door that’s blocking your path to the truck.

Level 18 – First Mechanism :: You press the orange button and a box gets dropped on the treadmill, but it stops before it can get to the green button. You press the orange button again. Another box pushes onto the first, yet they still stop short of the green button. You’re going to need to drop a 3rd box into the treadmill for the boxes to touch the green button and get the elevator going.

Level 19 – Hostage :: Buttons. Buttons everywhere. That’s what is immediately noticeable about Level 19. Carry the box everywhere with you to push all those unreachable buttons. Recover it from every crevice after you push those buttons before proceeding.

Level 20 – Second Mechanism :: Go right to the orange button and start pressing away. Gradually, boxes will start falling onto the treadmill and will eventually end up on the bottom level, where you want them.

Levels 21-30

Level 21 – Missile Wound :: Quickness is the way to succeed in this level. As you ascend up on the elevator, you will need to grab a fragile box and throw it onto the treadmill. The shrapanel needs to hit the button that gets the door open. Then, on your way down, quickly grab the box that you need to load into the truck.

Level 22 – Third Mechanism :: Here, you’re going to be playing arcade with box and the sliding floors by pressing the 4 blue buttons. Once the box gets to the bottom it will hit a green button, activating the elevator, which will take you to the top where you need to hit another green button to release a big box from the ceiling.

Level 23 – Bend It Like Jordan :: This level will test how good you can aim. Begin by pushing the green button and putting a box on top of the orange button to expose the blue button. You will have shrapanel coming your way which you must throw until you hit the blue button. Once you hit it, the elevator will start working.

Level 24 -Industrial Parkour :: This level is basically going to have you jumping your way to the green button. Once you press it, the box will drop to the bottom, and you’re simply going to need to jump your way back.

Level 25 – Catch Me If You Can! :: As the title suggests, you’re going to be catching something. Start off by going to the 2nd level and pressing the green button. Doing so will open up a “window”. Then just throw your box onto the treadmill, which will push it onto another green button. By the time it does so, you must be at the window, for you’re going to have to catch a descending box.

Level 26 – Piston :: Start this level off by pushing two rectangular boxes into the compartment in order to reach the green button, which will activate the elevator. When you descent to push the green button on the bottom floor, be sure to catch the big box, as it is very fragile.

Level 27 – Temporary Bridge :: Use the rectangular boxes to form a bridge. As you move over the boxes, drop them down to the 1st floor. Finally, grab the little box and drop it down, too, and you’re good to go.

Level 28 – Salt :: Begin by pushing the green button, which will expose the blue button on the very top. On your way up, press the green buttons to your left to get the treadmills running and a box moving through them. Pushing the blue button on the top will result in panels popping out and pushing the boxes toward a trapdoor. On their way down, they will hit a blue button which will open up a door for you to go through, where you will hit the orange button and open up the trapdoor.

Level 29 – Only Once, Please :: This level will have you jumping- a lot. You’re going to jump onto the brick slide and push all the blue buttons to open up all the doors blocking your way to the truck.

Level 30 – The Last Mechanism :: On this level, you again will be required to throw some boxes into the crevices with buttons. Doing that will expose the blue button and get the elevator going, respectively. Hit the blue button to open up the trapdoor and hop on the elevator. Hit the green button to expose another green button on the other end of the wall. Then, go back to the blue button and press it again, so that trapdoor on the right half closes, and the trapdoor on the left half opens up. Get on the elevator and push the green button, exposing the blue buttons, which will ultimately release the boxes.

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