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Flazm Interactive Entertainment
Based in Vilnius, Lithuania
Release date:
7 May, 2015
Regular Price:
$ 9.99
€ 9.99
£ 6.99
Train Valley
Build railways, manage traffic and stay accident-free! Play in Europe, America, Japan and USSR in the period from 1830 to 2020. Complete the story mode from the Gold Rush of 1849 to the first manned spaceflight, and then explore the random mode. Management. Construction. Trains. Welcome to Train Valley!
The first Flazm railroad game, called Railway Valley, was developed by Alexey Davydov back in 2008. After some time two sequels were released: Railway Valley 2 and Railway Valley Missions). With a total of more than 15 million games played, all games of the Railway Valley franchise were as well balanced as they were popular; but it was obvious that we needed a qualitative leap to take the concept to a new level. The team started working on Train Valley in April 2012. Since then the game has undergone several cycles of transformation. At the end of 2013 we started showing Train Valley at game conferences and collecting user feedback. In November 2014, Train Valley won the Family Friendly Game category at Casual Connect Belgrade. During our Steam Greenlight campaign in August 2014, we were supported by more than 10,000 players and received over 700 comments. As the direct result of this feedback, we added to the project a new sandbox-like mode (without money or time limits) as well as a color-blind mode. We love to listen to our players: this helps us to balance priorities for upcoming features and gives us new ideas!
  • Build railways to connect cities, tunnels and bridges. New railways are cheap when laid across bare fields... but they can become rather expensive when demolishing forests, villages and other existing structures.
  • Manage increasing traffic: construct crossroads, switches, circles and Figure 8 intersections so that multiple trains can run without delays at the same time.
  • Stay accident-free by precise control of trains during crucial moments, using pause for planning: you can build railways and schedule trains while on pause.
  • Play through 4 Seasons: Europe (1830-1980), America (1840-1960), USSR (1880-1980) and Japan (1900-2020).
  • Complete the Story Mode featuring real-life events such as the Golden Rush of 1849, the construction of the Florida Overseas Railroad, World War II, the Cold War, the launch of the first manned space flight Vostok 1 – and much more.
  • Explore the game in different game modes: Story Mode (5-10 minutes each level), Random Mode (15-20 minutes: the level looks and develops differently every time you launch!) or in Sandbox (it can be turned on for both Story and Random modes: it allows you to play with no time or money limits).
  • Discover 15 types of trains, from the early steam-powered locomotives to the modern high-speed trains. Drive 18 types of cars, from old-time passenger cars to hoppers and cisterns and to military-use tank and gun platforms.
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WTF Is... - Train Valley? YouTube
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Awards & Recognition
  • "DevGAMM - Best Indie Game Nominee." Train Valley, 2014
  • "Indie Prize - Best Family Friendly Game Winner." Train Valley, 2014
  • "Indie Prize - Best Gamedesign Winner." Train Valley, 2015
  • "Indie Prize - Best Kids And Family Game Winner." Train Valley, 2015
Selected Articles
  • "Overall I'd have to say Train Valley is one of the more enjoyable puzzle games in recent years, combining logical thought with time management, all at a pseudo-relaxing pace."
    - Joffy S, Game Debate
  • "Train Valley is available from Steam for £7. I think it's certainly worth it."
    - Marsh Davies, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "The gameplay is the real winner in Train Valley."
    - gazzagb, The Sixth Axis
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Train Valley Credits
Alexey Davydov
Producer, Gamedesigner

Sergey Dvoynikov
Timofey Shargorodskiy
Artist, 3D modeller

Alexander Ahura
Sound designer, Composer, Freelancer
About Flazm Interactive Entertainment
Flazm Interactive Entertainment is an independent game development studio founded by Alexey @flazm Davydov.
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